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Name: Te
Other characters: None atm, previously De, Lottie, Eddie, Effie.

Name: Katniss Everdeen
Alias: ---
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Canon point/AU: Current game canon

Journal: [personal profile] on_fire
PB: Jennifer Lawrence
Age: 17
History: Katniss's wiki page at the Hunger Games wiki.


Katniss is not a selfish girl, however before being reaped she was a very self-centered girl. Her life revolved around taking care of her people (her mother, Prim, and later Gale and his family). There was no spite there, just exhaustion, both physical and emotionally. It wasn't that she didn't care about the suffering of others, she just had to keep her family alive and there wasn't any more energy left over to care about much else. Life was about putting one foot in front of the other, not about reaching for a happy ending.

Because of this, she can be very rough with people, and what she picks up on isn't always what seems obvious to others. This can be both a strength and weakness; picking up on some subtle clue or pattern in a situation another might not notice has saved her life before, missing some obvious social clue a little bit less so. And when she does pick up on the social clues, she has no idea what to do with them, leading to her coming across even worse.

In addition, she has had more time than she'd ever want for Effie to polish her up to a shine. She has gotten fairly well versed in faking being excited to be somewhere. She still has none of the grace or skill for double talks as say, Peeta. But learning to fake it is just another survival skill she's picked up.


Although she sees herself as cold and a loner, when she is actually faced with others, she is a caretaker. Her "family" that she must care for is always slowly growing, and she does what she can, when she can, to take care of them. Since the start of the Games, this has also included those she has been mentoring.

The tunnel vision caused by her life up to the 74th Games leads her to sometimes missing things. People being so in love with her they’ll gladly die for her, for example. That isn’t to say she is dumb, at all. When she is focused on an issue she is incredibly clever and resourceful. Especially when her life is on the line, whether it is figuring out how to feed her and Prim, to saving her and Peeta in the arena. But she is not the most observant with emotions (her own or others) and interpersonal relationships. Her reaction to being forced to deal with them is generally to try not to for as long as possible. In addition to being obtuse to them, she doesn’t like to show weakness, especially given the events in her life. Being weak, losing control, can mean death. She can be cold, she can explode in anger, and of course when she’s handling emotions particularly well, shut down and run away from them.

She also has a high sense of honor. She doesn’t like to be indebted to someone, whether they're one of her people or not, and will always try to pay them back, and get out of their debt. In her head she keeps a constant running checklist of what she "owes" people for, and when she has cancelled that out. Clearly not something that can always happen, but something she always tries for. It is not just an issue of not wanting to be in debt to someone for herself, although that is also part of it. More than that, however, she feels like it is disrespectful to them for her to not pay them back. That said, she also will help perfect strangers, and although she doesn't see herself as the type, this has shaped her life multiple times. Although many of the most blatant examples are post her canon point, that is still something inherent in her nature.

Although she does not agree with the Capitol's aesthetic obsession, Katniss does appreciate beauty. Cinna's dresses are something precious to her, not just due to the beauty, but also the meaning behind it. The natural world brings her peace, especially when she can experience it alone.

Since competing in her games, like most of the Victors (and now Tributes) Katniss also is experiencing PTSD. Hers most often rears its head as nightmares and panic attacks. When these hit her, her instinct is to run and find a small place to hide herself away. Killing innocents people left a deep stain on her, and as such, although she doesn't think it makes the situation acceptable, she is very grateful the new Tributes don't experience that aspect of the Arena.

Setting: This is her canon so it's a world she's very use to, however she is at a weird point in this world. As a symbol, because of the new aim of the game, she became a sort of a failure to launch. The Capitol dismantled the Mockingjay before she ever got to be the Mockingjay.

However, because of that, Katniss has had more time to absorb this whole mess, to come across her want for rebellion through her own way, instead of being shoved into a black and white situation. Her desire to rebel has grown slowly inside her, but strongly. However, currently she isn't sure how to approach the shape of rebellion safely, how to get in. It's assumed she already is somehow, and she has no idea who to approach to take advantage of that, especially with Haymitch AWOL. In her position she knows she can easily, and unintentionally court drama much faster than she'd like, and do more harm, than good, so she doesn't want to shove her way in like a bull in a china shop.

But she wants these people to burn.

First Person Thread:

[Were they serious right now? Did they really want her opinion on this?

This was the Capitol, of course they were serious. And of course they didn't really want her opinion. They want some coy little answer that said she didn't agree, but only on the surface. That when you really got down to it, it wasn't a big deal.

They wanted her to tell them what they did was ok. That what they were doing, currently, to these people was just fine by her.

Like hell she was going to give them that. She turned it over in her mind, trying to find the place she could get in her words in without hanging herself with them. Or anyone else.]

Well, I think that for these people, it's...not something that someone from another world can really wrap they're mind around. The Games are such a Panem specific events...

[This could get messy. She gives the smile and the laugh Effie coached into her, shrugging. Right now, this was too off the cuff for her to say anything good, anything to make a difference, and she simmered at the inability to make a worthwhile comment right now. But some idiotic press question wasn't going to save this world.]

It just seems strange to have others involved in this. I mean...don't you think so?

[Another laugh, and this one so fake it made her cringe, but they seemed happy with it.

It would have to be good enough for now.]


The sound of her heart pounding in her ears was almost loud enough to drown out the computerized voice called her name. Almost, but not quite.

Keeping herself as still and collected as possible, at least on the outside, she moved into the room, keeping her face forward as she moved towards the weapons table. She wouldn't look at them, she wouldn't given them that.

However, the table didn't hold any easy answers for her. They knew what she could do with weapons. And with just about everything else. They knew so much about her, she had absolutely no chance in this arena.


The corner of her lip quirked up, and she perused the selection of arrows. Luckily, due to the tributes from off world, the weapons had a much larger variety, and she felt a brief flicker of satisfaction start to weave through the fear gripping her nerves as she plucked the wood arrow from the stand, looking it over, testing its flexibility and brittleness.

It would be terrible for this not to work at the crucial moment. If she was going for it, she needed to be able to do it.

Walking up, with just the single arrow, she held it up, a fist at each end.

Then, for the first time looking straight at the Gamemakers, who this time were paying much more attention, she snapped it in half.

With a smile and a bow, she turned and walked back out.

What is your character scored: In canon she was scored a 12 for the quarter quell, however with the way scoring is in the game, I'd say a 7-8 tops. She is strong and competent, and has a lot of very useful survival skills such as archery and medicinal knowledge. She is also stoic enough to look more competent than she is. Plus she's already somehow won the Capitol's favor, though she is not entirely sure why.

Past victor: Due to the nature of this RP, Katniss only participated in the 74th Hunger Games which she won, and the La Isla arena, which she did not.

During the Games: Since Katniss has been an on again of again PC and NPC preference, here is what has been happening in her life:

Since the Isla Arena, the Capitol has been working hard to keep her constantly going, to the point of exhaustion. She had barely had time to see her Tributes, none the less mentor them. They did not want her to become, intentionally or not, another piece of the rebellion to deal with. When things ramped up several months back, she was quietly sent home to "visit" everyone there.

However, now that 13 is showing definite activity, and is physical close to District 12, the Capitol wants her back under their watchful eye, and away from the rebellion. They have brought her back to the Capitol to keep pinned down.


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